Friday, July 3, 2009


Glyph of TSA does what he has to do, that's making my Aimed Shot hit like a freight train and my new UI feels like it's an extent of myself.

Wonderful, when I DPS I feel - yeah, this sounds freaky - connected with everything going on and I have no problems whatsoever finding the info I need.

With the recent chnage in keybinds (Aspect Change on Middle mouse button, Pet management on ²-button). I solved two problem that kept haunting me: 1. Pet deaths 2. Forgetting what aspect I was in.

Also, if I'm to believe ma sheetz, ArP's value is buidling up in my gear.
Here's how it scales:

Stat - Armor Penetration

You need approximately 12.39 armor pen rating to reduce 1% of the targets armor. In actuality, it reduces a percentage of a theoretical armor pen cap which is normally slightly less then the targets actual effective armor. You would need 1239 armor pen rating to achieve 100% armor pen, but the current mechanics leave this at 2% mitigation from armor. Apparently it is possible to continue this and reduce boss armor below 0, doing more than unmitigated damage. For more information on armor pen see discussion here, mostly around page 18.


It's indeed a parabole, the more you get, the more it's worth, and I'm only started nibbling at the bottom.

Now here's my UI.


That was about it.

Az aka Lion.