Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Glyph of TSA pt. 2

Taken from my post at EJ's.

The macro works as you can see. (I Fired a AiS at 20:41:59.859, prolly started spamming the button half a second earlier... Like shown here

The macro used was:

#showtooltip aimed shot
#show aimed shot
/cast [target=pettarget,exists] kill command
/cancelaura Abominable Might
/cancelaura Unleashed Rage
/cast aimed shot
/cast silencing shot

(Unfortunately no Enh Shammy in the raid.)

The intersting thing is that I didn't get my own TSA (despite recasting it after I got rebirthed) but my friends one.
I didn't fire enough AiS that raid to provide real solid data (Vezax and onwards is in SV), but I think the glyph works, given the fact you regain your own TSA and not you neighbour's.
It was by coincidence I discovered this because normally the other MM hunter wouldn't have had TSA.

I hope the data is somewhat useful.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Glyph of Trueshot Aura

Interesting tought I'm working on atm: Glyph of trueshot Aura.

Looks better then Glyph of Chimera Shot but there's a catch: Abominable Strenght and Unleashed Rage.

To counter that (aka TSA getting overwritten) I'm currently using a Macro to remove those buffs.

I'll need a log however to check on it. So no 'real' data untill monday.

Working in pairs to buff hunter's (1 TSA and 1 IHM) is something that I'm testing from now on aswell.

Az. aka Lion

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ISS - Glyph of Chimera Shot liasons.

Remember what I said about Glyph of chimera Shot freeing the rotation up?

Well that has a far greater impact then I tought.

Recently MM has bccome top DPS, now 7/57/7 is the build to go, but when you alreadyhave those in your raid you can drop IHM and/or TSA. Quite logically you put the freed up points in ISS and Improved Barrage.

But what happends? Aimed and Arcane shots eat away all the precious procs. So By dropping Glyph of chimera Shot things get in order again and a steady CS - AiS - AS - SS*3 takes his rightfull place again.

I'm going to test this all out once we get past Vezax, a fight at which SV reigns supreme.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MM Headache

With the addition of the viability of IHM, Improved Steady Shot is no longer worth the hassle.

With the Glyphs of CHs and Ais the whole rotation effectively dropped 1s.

I'm still wondering wether or not I should keep this fixed rotation...

Or should I just spam CD's, like SV?

Stuff to think about I reckon.

EDIT: Decided to drop AS Glyph, it was giving my rotation too much of a headache.