Sunday, August 23, 2009


I got it /cheer.

Took me another week to determine what was the best path to get the remainder of Arp gear from.

I changed Jounrney's End out for Marrowstrike (<3 colli 5 loot).
Changed out Gloves of the Fiery Behemoth for Gloves of Dark Exile.
I got myself Belt of Dragons and an extra point in FA.
And finally Dextrous Brighstone Ring.

I was doubting either to get the T9 Conquest leggings (loose the 4pcs bonus and get Iron Studded Mantle back in) but that turned out to be a DPS loss vs the ring and keeping the bonus.

Now I need to swap out 2 more gems and then I'm at 566 passive Arp. 577 is needed to hit the cap with the runestone proc. Pretty nice huh?

Now I'll just have to wait how it performs in a raid. I really can't wait tbh.


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